Chris Chan Podcast Pursuit

Hey there! I’m Chris. I started on my podcast journey by searching the Internet for how to start a podcast because I wanted to start a podcast.

My wife joined me in the research too to support me and we fell deep into that rabbit hole. Be sure you have a loving partner supporting you on this endeavor because there are ups and downs on this journey!

There’s so much to know when it comes to podcasts. There’re so many different types of microphones, digital recorders, mic cables, mic stands, mic filters, mounts, editing software, headphones, the available equipment list is long.

After recording and editing, the mp3 files then need to get hosted and distributed. That means getting hosting like Buzzsprout and a number of other options. Once hosted, then it’s about getting distribution on sites and apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

The options and steps to doing a podcast seemed endless.

Oh, and just because your podcast is on Apple Podcasts now, the work doesn’t end there. You want people to listen to the podcast right? Marketing and promotions are a whole other rabbit hole to go down.

I’m sure there’re others who are in the same boat. We did so much research ourselves, we should share that information with others.

That’s when the idea for Podcast Pursuit came together.

What we want to do is to consolidate all our research to provide guides and tutorials to help you on your podcast journey.

Our first article we put out is the Complete Step-by-Step How to Start a Podcast guide here.

I’ll continue to write more articles on what’s been researched and experienced, so do continue to come back.

We hope that we’re able to help others get to their first 10 podcast episodes quickly!

Feel free to contact me anytime on the contact page!