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Best XLR Cables Podcasting – 2022

As a podcaster, you are likely to come across XLR microphones, or you may be considering buying one for your audio recording. You may be wondering why such a microphone uses XLR cables only. What are XLR cables anyway, and how do they work? Does it matter whether you use an XLR microphone or not?

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5 Strategies for Podcasting in Different Locations

Recording a podcast episode with people in different locations presents some technical difficulties, but some tools and strategies make it possible. It allows you to interview or co-host your podcast with people in different locations globally that you would otherwise not be able to bring on your show.

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How to Pick the Best YouTube Microphone

Most of your subscribers are interested in both how your YouTube video looks and sounds. Your microphone choice plays a crucial role in the sound quality of your YouTube videos, and you need to choose the best microphone for what you’re planning to do. Many mics are multifunctional, but not all are suitable for YouTube gaming or vlogging. And there are so many out there to choose from. If you’re having trouble choosing, here is a look at some of the best microphones for YouTube videos out there.

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Alitu Podcast Platform: How to Use it for Podcasting

Alitu is a fabulous podcast platform that has people talking. It has an intuitive interface that makes it suitable for casters with no audio recording, editing, and podcasting publishing experience. The minimalist design has high-level functionality and automates several parts of the editing and publishing process. You can use it solely for creating your podcast episodes or alongside other tools.

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Podcast Outlook: The History (and Future) of Podcasting

Before we dig into the podcast outlook, how about a little history? The term “podcast” first appeared in the media in February 2004, in an article by Ben Hammersley published in the Guardian. Ben described podcasts as a downloadable amateur radio show, audio blogging, or gorilla media. The term podcasting stuck around when Libsyn launched a podcast hosting platform in the same year. Since then, podcasts have exploded. Learn more about their history and outlook.

How to Use Shutterstock for Your Podcast Business

One of the best ways to build your podcast brand and improve listener experience is to use the right images for your cover art, social media posts, and blogs and incorporate music in your shows. Shutterstock offers you a wide range of stock images to use in your cover art and stock music clips that you can incorporate in your show.

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How to Record a Podcast Over Discord

Podcasters are always looking for tools, techniques, software, and equipment to enhance their production process. Discord, a platform first designed for instant messaging among gamers, has proven to be a reliable platform for podcast recording.

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Libsyn for Podcasting: How to Get Started on the Platform

Libsyn is one of the earliest podcast hosting platforms. It is well established with over 50,000 podcasters and enables you to publish your podcast on most of your audience’s favorite listening platforms and apps. Below is a detailed overview of Libsyn, including how it works, its features, pricing models, pros and cons.

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How to Start a Podcast Blog: Can’t Miss Way to Add Subscribers

Blogging and podcasting are powerful on their own, but combining them offers multiple platforms to attract and connect with your target audience. You also get two platforms for monetizing your content. Check out our epic guide on setting up a WordPress guide to accompany your podcast,

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How to Promote Your Podcast

Promoting your podcasts is paramount for building an audience. There are numerous promotional strategies you can apply to promote your podcast. Some are free, but you have to pay for others.