The Best Shock Mount Microphone of 2023

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It’s easy to pick up outside sounds while recording, no matter how hard you try. By using the best shock mount microphone available in 2023, you can avoid even the slightest uninvited noises.

In this article, we dug up a list of 10 of the best shock mounts available for all types of microphone brands and degrees of creator experience.

What Is a Microphone Shock Mount?

So what exactly is a microphone shock mount?

A shock mount is an essential piece of equipment that keeps your microphone from bumping or hitting nearby objects.

They are circular and use elastic suspension to protect your mic from colliding with things that will interfere with audio recording

While it is nearly impossible to eliminate all chances of striking your mic with your hand, head, or coffee cup, these mounts reduce the irritating sounds that lose listeners.

Do You Need a Shock Mount Microphone?

Technically, you do not NEED a shock mount for your microphone. However, it is highly recommended by professionals and pretty much anyone else in the podcasting/audio recording world.

If your mic is in a permanent position where it doesn’t risk getting knocked over or bumped, you may be able to get away without having a mount. On the other hand, if you talk with your hands, and your mic is mounted in front of you on a table or desk. A mount is a great investment.

What to Look for in a Shock Mount for a Microphone

While searching for the best shock mount microphone, there are a few details to consider. 

  • Price
  • Size
  • Design
  • Versatility

Just because you pay an arm and a leg for a mic doesn’t mean you will get the best product out there. Sometimes it just means you are getting a pricey product.

On the flip side, if the price tag seems too good to be true, it probably is. When it comes to cost, choose a quality product in your price range, but make sure it will fit your specific microphone and is durable without being bulky.

Many versatile options can fit a variety of mic brands; however, most shock mounts are tailored for a comfortable and secure fit.

Browse our list of the best shock mount microphone on the market today and see which product feels right for your specific needs.

Shock mount microphone holder

Top 10 Microphone Shock Mounts

Check out this list of top-quality microphone shock mounts that will help you record the best content ever.

1. Boseen Microphone Shock Mount

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Boseen
  • Compatible mics: AT202, Rode Procater, Rode NT1, AKG P120, Blue Ember, and many more

This Boseen microphone shock mount has a spider shape design, is made from silver metal, and weighs 11.5 ounces.

The lightweight, anti-vibration shock mount isolates the condenser in your mic from unwanted vibration caused by contact.

Using this product will help you record better-sounding audio, no matter what information you are trying to put out there.

You can connect the Boseen mount to most universal microphone booms or stands with an angle-adjusting, locking knob. The cotton pad between your mic and the mount ensures your mic is protected, preventing any scratching or dents.

2. Rode PSM1 Microphone Shock Mount

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rode
  • Compatible mics: Rode

The Rode PSM1 shock mount is an excellent go-to for podcast professionals. This product lets users relax, knowing their sound quality will be top-notch while it protects the audio from movement and interference.

This shock mount has a sturdy and durable rotating arm that allows you to move the mic to any location without causing issues that will require editing in the end.

The Rode brand has been trusted since the 1990s and continues to design strong, reliable, and reputable accessories today.

3. Geekria for Creators Microphone Shock Mount

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Geekria
  • Compatible mics: TONOR Q9, TC20, TC40, TC-2030

Geekria designed a heavy-duty microphone shock mount with strong elastic bands that suspend the mic from the direct center of the device, preventing it from banging around and creating additional noise pollution in your recording.

You can connect this durable mount to a boom pole or mic stand for a wide range of use without any problems.

Become an amazing podcaster with impeccable audio using a great shock mount for your microphone, designed by Geekria.

4. Etour AT2020 Microphone Shock Mount with Pop Filter

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: AT2020
  • Compatible mic: AT2020

The AT2020 shock mount is a popular selection in a wide variety of entertainment. You can use this mount in the studio, at a concert, or recording a podcast in your home. 

Wherever you are, using this shock mount can guarantee your audio quality is never disrupted by outside physical interference.

The microphone clip fits securely, while the locking knob allows for angle adjustment. The shock cable reduces vibrations that create obnoxious background noise in your content, while your mic is securely fashioned to your table with durable clamps.

What else do you get? Along with the shock mount, this Etour product also comes with a pop filter to keep your sound quality top-notch, reducing the popping sounds from air booms in the mic.

5. Suuntok Microphone Shock Mount (Neumann TLM 103 or M147 Mic Models)

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Suuntok
  • Compatible mics: Neumann TLM 103 and M147

The Suuntok microphone shock mount is specially designed to fit the Neumann TLM 103 or M147 mic securely.

This product can reduce the vibration noise from podcasters moving in their seats, setting items down on the table, or bumping the mic while swinging their hands.

The product comes with a locking knob, giving you 180 degrees of adjustability. You can connect your mount to just about any desktop, table, cantilever, or floor bracket.

The Suuntok mic is made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant metal and is hard to chip, scratch, or scuff.

6. Aston Microphone Swift Premium Universal Shock Mount

  • Price: High end
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Aston Microphones
  • Compatible mics: 40-60 mm

There is nothing better than finding a high-quality shock mount that is universal to most microphone brands, which the Aston is.

The Aston universal shock mount is not only high-quality but easy to use. This mount can fit mics from 40-60 mm in diameter with a quick-release clip mounting system.

This product is made with strong, hard-wearing aluminum and nylon with glass fill. The mount uses Aston’s ShockStar technology to ensure you get the best product to produce uninterrupted, quality audio content.

This product is eco-friendly and comes in recyclable and reusable packaging. 

7. Mictop Universal Microphone Shock Mount

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Mictop
  • Compatible mics: 21-62 mm

The Mictop shock mount is another great universal option that fits all 21-62 mm microphones. This product comes in a unique shape that enhances the mount’s ability to isolate the mic from outside vibrations on the floor, stand, and other distractions.

This mic is durable with a wide range of acceptable working conditions, handling anywhere between -30°C to 60°C temps, much better than rubber or elastic options.

The Mictop shock mount will connect to most stands and is easy and quick to install. 

With the shock mount, you also get a pop filter to prevent hissing, popping, and wind sounds from taking over the show.

8. Eggsnow Microphone Shock Mount Clip (Universal)

  • Price: Low end
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Eggsnow
  • Compatible mics: 15-40 mm

The Eggsnow microphone shock mount is designed to fit barrel mics. It looks much different than the more popular “spider” option but works very well for the equipment it is made to fit.

The Eggsnow mount suspends the mic from the holder with four rubber bands. By doing this, the vibration noise from any movement is blocked, which keeps it from affecting your audio and allows you to record good, clean, professional-sounding entertainment.

Because the mount grasps onto the mic with rubber bands, it is a no-brainer to set up and take apart, plus the product is extremely affordable.

9. Bestshoot Microphone Shock Mount and Hot Shoe Adapter

  • Price: Low end
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Bestshoot
  • Compatible mics: 25-38 mm

The Bestshoot microphone shock mount is affordable because it is made from plastic. It holds the mic in place the same way as the Eggsnow shock mount. You can use this product with almost any gun or “pencil” style microphone ranging from 25-38 mm in diameter.

To hold your mic in this mount, simply attach the rubber bands and slip them through the openings between the slats to create the best angle in each situation.

Use the Bestshoot microphone when recording a podcast while moving around the room or sitting completely still at the table. No matter what you are doing while talking, the mic won’t pick up any vibration that could alter the sound of your voice or add unwanted noise.

10. Koolertron Microphone Shock Mount

  • Price: Low end
  • Color: Silver or Black
  • Brand: Koolertron
  • Item Dimensions: 5x4x3 inches

If you are looking for an attractive microphone shock mount that will make you look and sound like a pro, the Koolertron is the product for you.

This microphone mount is sleek and durable, made from high-quality metal and strong elastic rope. The wrapping rope-style design ensures the mic won’t slip, slide, or fall while recording. The ropes also keep the mic from getting scratched or dented.

The flexibility of this product allows you to use your microphone just about anywhere without having to worry about outside noise beyond your control.

The Koolertron microphone shock mount is a universal product and will fit and hold most mic brands and sizes.

Young woman recording podcast on laptop with shock mount microphone

Shock Mount Q&A

Still have a few questions? We have the answers. Here is a list of the top-asked questions regarding microphone shock mounts.

Are All Shock Mounts Universal?

No. Looking at our list above, you will notice that many mounts are tailored to fit a specific mic brand. However, quite a few great universal options will fit most microphones.

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Shock Mount?

The amount of money you spend on your shock mount isn’t that important. Ensuring you get a quality mic suitable for your needs for a reasonable price matters the most. There are options ranging from under $10 to almost $100 on this list alone.

What Is the Best Brand?

The best brand for microphone shock mounts will depend on your mic type and what the shock mount is used for. If you are looking for an excellent mount for a barrel or pencil-shaped mic, then Bestshoot or Eggsnow is a great option. For bullet mics, Logitech, Boseen, and Koolertron are good choices.

How Do You Use a Microphone Shock Mount?

Using a shock mount with your microphone is pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is slide the mic into the mount and secure it in, ensuring it won’t move or slip. Once fastened, the mount will keep your mic safe from interference of physical vibrations and movement.

Final Thoughts

With so many different brands and designs on the market today, it can be overwhelming when it comes to finding the best shock mount microphone for your podcasting needs.

Take some time to review the list above; we are sure the perfect match is ready and waiting for you. Don’t just stop at one; make sure to go through and weigh your options. This product will have a significant effect on all the content you create.