The Best Microphone Stands for the Blue Yeti

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The Blue Yeti is one of the most popular microphones on the planet. Having the best mic stand for yeti is important.

How Can We Help?

With that said, most users need to purchase an aftermarket mic stand for their Yeti, as the basic stand it comes with is pretty limiting in how it can be angled and where it can reach. This is where we can help! We will highlight and review the best mic stand for Yeti options on the market today.

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Why Do You Need a Mic Stand for the Yeti?

Before we get into our reviews, it helps to explain why purchasing a mic stand for Yeti microphones is worthwhile.

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For starters, a mic stand with an adjustable arm will allow you to position your microphone for optimal placement. By adjusting the height and angle of the mic, you will be able to capture the highest quality sound. This is particularly important if you speak with podcast guests of different heights, as they can position the mic where they need it to be. 

A good mic stand can also protect your mic from falling and becoming damaged. Some people are quite expressive with their hands while they speak, so an elevated mic stand will keep your Yeti safe.

Finally, a mic stand for your Yeti will reduce handling noise, which can be caused if someone moves or touches a microphone while recording. The stand holds the mic in a stable and optimal position, so there is no real reason for you or your podcast guests to touch it.

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The Best Mic Stands for the Yeti Microphone

Now that we know why a Yeti mic stand is a worthwhile investment, we can get into our reviews of the best options.

1. Gator Frameworks – Deluxe Desk-Mounted Microphone Boom Stand for Podcasts & Recording

This desktop-mounted microphone stand from Gator Frameworks is an excellent option for Yeti microphones. It has a secure hold thanks to a clamping and mounting base attachment. Since it was designed to hold even the heaviest mics, it has no problem securely holding Blue Yeti mics.

We also like that it swivels a full 360 degrees, which means it can be quickly adjusted to meet your requirements. If you have multiple guests sharing a single microphone, they could rotate the stand to better position the mic as each guest speaks.

The stand was also specifically engineered to reduce noise, as the moving parts all have noise-dampening features. The spring-loaded articulating microphone arm makes it incredibly easy to adjust the stand to hit desired angles. This combination means it can be quietly and easily adjusted mid-recording. 

It also features an integrated 10’ XLR cable and 70mm mic threads at the attachment point, making things easy if you use the stand to hold microphones other than the Yeti. Overall, it is an outstanding mic stand that is both user-friendly and perfectly suited to the needs of podcasters.


  • Versatile mounting and a secure hold
  • 360-degree rotation and easy to angle
  • Extremely quiet 


  • Somewhat expensive

2. YUZUHOME – Blue Yeti X Boom Adjustable Mic Stand

This adjustable boom stand-style microphone stand from YUZUHOME offers a more budget-friendly alternative to the Gator Frameworks mic stand. It works the same way but without some of the frills you get with the more expensive option from Gator Frameworks.

With that said, it is still a great mic stand for the Yeti, as it has a firm hold that you can adjust to work with your specific desk or table. The base is designed to be scratch- and skid-resistant, so it will not damage the surface it is attached to or move once it has been positioned correctly.

It is also highly adjustable, so you can easily move your Yeti to your desired position. We also like that it is made from very strong steel, so it can easily support the weight of the Blue Yeti microphone, as well as some heavier microphones.

It is also available in white and black so that you can match it to your Yeti and the décor and theme of your podcast studio. Overall, it is a great mic stand available at a very affordable price.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Scratch- and skid-resistant
  • Specifically made for the Blue Yeti, and highly adjustable


  • Can be fairly noisy when adjusted, so it should be positioned before you start recording

3. InnoGear – Heavy Duty Microphone Stand & Windscreen for the Blue Yeti

This all-in-one mic stand package from InnoGear is an excellent option if you are just starting and want to pick up a variety of accessories to improve the sound quality of your recordings.

It comes with an adjustable microphone stand that is compatible with the Blue Yeti, and you get a high-quality foam microphone windscreen. This can help eliminate unwanted background noise, which can be useful if you are recording at home or in a studio that is located in a boisterous environment. It can also help eliminate harsh sounds if you or your guests speak too close to the mic.

The stand features heavy-duty construction, so it can easily handle the weight of the Blue Yeti. The spring that helps cushion and supports the microphone is very quiet, so you won’t have to worry about annoying noises if you need to adjust the mic mid-recording.

It even comes with a layered screen filter, which helps improve the quality of your recordings by blocking out the sound of breathing. Sensitive microphones, like the Blue Yeti, can pick up the sound of breathing if a podcaster is sitting too close to the mic. This double-layered wind protection helps reduce annoying, unwanted breathing noises.

This mic stand package from InnoGear is another excellent option available at a very reasonable price.


  • Comes with a screen pop filter and windscreen
  • Adjusts quietly and to almost any direction and angle
  • Strong construction can easily support a Blue Yeti mic


  • The stand’s black paint is susceptible to scratching

4. Acetaken – Podium-Style Adjustable Yeti Mic Stand

If you prefer a more minimalist look and are limited on desk space, this simple Yeti mic stand from Acetaken could be just what you are looking for.

The adjustable boom arm is designed to be extremely portable and to take up as little space as possible. It is also very easy to adjust the height and angle of your mic once the stand is attached to a desk or table. Despite its compact size and discreet design, it can easily support the weight required to hold a Blue Yeti, so you have nothing to worry about there.

If you plan on doing any podcasting on the road, it is a great option, as it is really easy to fit in a backpack. If, for example, you wanted to record a podcast from a hotel room, it would be much easier to bring this stand with you than any of the above-mentioned options. 

While it might not be for every Blue Yeti user, it can be a useful option, so it is well worth being included on our list!


  • Extremely compact and lightweight, so it is very portable
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to adjust to any height or angle


  • Not as sturdy as the more fixed options reviewed above

5. InnoGear – Tabletop Adjustable Mic Stand with Windscreen

This desktop-style microphone stand from InnoGear acts as an upgrade over the standard microphone holder your Blue Yeti comes with. It is fully compatible with the Blue Yeti and a wide range of other popular podcasting microphones.

The sturdy and stable base will keep your microphone in place and reduce the chances that it will be accidentally knocked over while you are recording. The base is also lined with four non-slip pads, which prevent it from scratching the surface of your table or desk. These pads also help reduce unwanted noise if you need to move your mic while recording.

The height and angle are both adjustable, so you can easily find a comfortable height for you and any guests you bring on your podcast. As a bonus, it comes with a gooseneck 360-degree pop filter, which helps eliminate unwanted noise. While you can remove the filter if it gets in the way, it is a great option, especially if you are recording in a noisy studio.

Like the Acetaken stand, it is also an excellent option for anyone recording on the road, as it can easily fit in a gear bag or suitcase.


  • Comes with an adjustable windscreen
  • Compact design
  • Heavy base that is well-padded to reduce noise and scratching


  • Cannot adjust the height as freely as you can with a boom-style mic stand