Best Microphone iPhone Adapter: Record High-Quality Audio with iPhone

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iPhone Microphone adapter

Podcasting is exploding in popularity, mainly due to how easy it has become to record and publish a professional-sounding podcast. With a microphone iPhone adapter, it is now possible to record, edit, and distribute a podcast from the comfort of home using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Not only does this make starting a podcast more affordable and accessible to the average person, it means that podcasters can now record high-quality audio on the road. With a smartphone, microphone adapter, plug-in mic, and the right podcasting software or app, you can record and publish a high-quality podcast from a hotel room!

So, if you own an iPhone and you’re ready to start using it to record your own podcasts, it’s time to take a look at the best microphone iPhone adapter options on the market today.

What Is a Microphone iPhone Adapter?

Before we get into our reviews of the best options, it is helpful to briefly explain what a microphone iPhone adapter is and what they are used for.

Essentially, these small devices connect to the iPhone through its charging port. Since the latest iPhones do not have many external ports, you cannot simply plug an external microphone into the phone. These straightforward adaptors fulfill this need by providing the input ports you need to connect an external microphone.

All iPhones have a built-in microphone, but this type of mic is extremely limited, as it was intended for phone calls, simple voice memos, and other basic features. In other words, your iPhone’s microphone was never designed to record the high-quality audio necessary to publish a podcast

By connecting a high-quality, external microphone to your iPhone, a microphone iPhone adapter allows you to turn your Apple smartphone into a podcast recording device.

Given how affordable these adapters are, they are a worthwhile purchase for anyone who would like to record high-quality audio on their iPhone.

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The Best Microphone iPhone Adapters

Now that you understand what they are used for and why they are so useful, we can get into our reviews of the best microphone iPhone adapters on the market today. If you want to learn more about podcasting microphones, we recommend reading The Best Podcast Microphones and Buyer’s Guide.

Each adapter we highlighted above is suitable for podcasting purposes, so you don’t have to worry about them not being up to the task.

1. INVERSE NET – iPhone Microphone Adapter for Live Streaming

This 5-in-1 iPhone microphone adapter from INVERSE NET is an excellent option for any podcaster looking to record audio with their Apple iPhone.

Not only does it allow you to connect your iPhone to any external microphone that uses a 3.5 mm jack, but it also features a variety of other ports to turn your iPhone into a full-scale podcast hub. 

For microphones that require a USB or HDMI port, this INVERSE NET adapter has you covered. This is excellent news for those who use the popular Blue Yeti microphone, as it uses a USB-A connector.

Aside from its incredible versatility, one of the things we like the most about this particular adapter is that it supports pass-through charging. This means you can charge your iPhone even as the adapter occupies the charging port. Given that recording a podcast on an iPhone will drain the battery quickly, this is an incredibly useful feature.

Thanks to the HDMI port, you can mirror what is displayed on your iPhone to an HDMI port-equipped television or external monitor. This can come in handy during editing. Overall, we are really impressed with this adaptor, which works with any iPhone or iPad running iOS 15!


  • Supports microphones that connect through USB and 3.5 mm jacks
  • Features pass-through charging
  • Affordable price for a 5-in-1 adapter 


  • Somewhat bulky due to the number of ports

2. BQ Bersyn – USB Microphone Adapter for the iPad & iPhone

This straightforward, plug-and-play USB microphone adapter from BQ Bersyn is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable way to connect a USB microphone to their iPhone.

It is fairly sleek and affordable, so it is one of the best options for those looking to do the basics. Given that some of the world’s most popular podcasting microphones rely on a USB-A input port, this simple adapter is a useful option for many people who would like to improve their iPhone audio recording capabilities.

Like the INVERSE NET microphone adaptor above, this more simplistic adapter supports pass-through charging, so you can keep your iPhone’s battery topped up while recording your podcast audio.

Since the USB port allows you to connect your phone to an external hard drive, it can be useful for backing up previously recorded audio. While it is pretty limited in what it can do, it is an excellent option for anyone that uses a microphone that requires a USB input port.


  • Affordable price
  • Sleek design
  • Supports pass-through charging


  • Does not have a 3.5 mm input port, so you cannot connect microphones that require a headphone jack

3. OPSO – Apple MFi Certified 3.5 mm Adapter

This is about the most simplistic microphone adapter you can find, but that does not mean it is not a good option. This simple adapter turns the iPhone’s lightning port into a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which means you can connect essential external microphones to your Apple iPhone or iPad.

The 100% copper core ensures the highest quality of data transmission, so the audio your microphone captures will be recorded by your phone properly. The scratch-resistant faceplate also helps to protect your iPhone’s Lightning Port, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your phone. It is compatible with an extensive range of iPhones, iPad, MacBooks, and even iPods, as it supports all versions of iOS.

Since it is such a basic adapter, it is incredibly sleek, so you do not have to worry about it taking up space in your podcast gear bag. It is also available in white and black, so you can match it to the color of your phone and microphone.

Since it has Apple MFi certification and an 18-month warranty, you can rest assured that it is made to an extremely high standard. Essentially, it functions just like the official Apple headphone jack, but it costs significantly less!


  • Affordable price
  • Apple-certified and backed by an 18-month warranty
  • Highly portable


  • Does not support pass-through charging
  • Only works with 3.5 mm microphones

4. Saramonic – iPhone & iPad Lightning Port Microphone Preamp

This iPhone microphone preamp adapter from Saramonic is the ideal option if you are looking for the best recording quality possible.

It allows you to connect two XLR input microphones to your iPhone or iPad and also features two 3.5 mm input jacks, so you can connect headphones or microphones that use this type of port. It can also provide 48 volts to power some more demanding microphones.

The two external control knobs allow you to adjust volume and other levels precisely. It also features an external record/play switch, so you can quickly disable your microphones without worrying about recording unwanted audio. You also can toggle between mono and stereo recording modes, which means it is far more versatile than a standard microphone adapter.

It is also MFi certified, meaning that it has been tested and approved by Apple. If you are looking for a way to connect two microphones to your iPhone and you want to capture the highest quality audio possible, this iPhone preamp adapter from Saramonic is an outstanding option.


  • Allows you to connect more than one microphone to your iPhone, which is important if you plan on hosting guests on your podcast
  • External control knobs make it easier to make adjustments during recordings
  • MFi certified by Apple


  • Fairly expensive and bulky
  • Does not support USB microphones, like the Blue Yeti

5. Cubilux – Microphone & Headphone Adapter for the Apple iPhone

This Lighting Port to headphone and microphone adapter is another sleek and affordable option for anyone looking to connect a 3.5 mm microphone to their iPhone.

It features a 3.5 mm microphone jack and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so you can hear yourself as you record your podcast. The ability to monitor your recording in real-time is incredibly useful for podcasters. It means you can make adjustments before the recording is complete.

This adapter is also MFi certified, so it meets Apple’s quality and durability requirements. The internal, oxygen-free copper wire helps to minimize signal transmission loss, so you only record the highest quality audio possible. Overall, it is an excellent option for solo podcasters that require a 3.5 mm input for their microphone.


  • Affordable price
  • Features a headphone jack alongside the microphone input
  • Braided copper wire minimizes signal loss


  • Does not support USB microphones