Best XLR Cables Podcasting – 2022

hand holding XLR cable connector at TV station

As a podcaster, you are likely to come across XLR microphones, or you may be considering buying one for your audio recording. You may be wondering why such a microphone uses XLR cables only. What are XLR cables anyway, and how do they work? Does it matter whether you use an XLR microphone or not?

Best Computer for Podcasting: How to Choose

Best Computers for Podcasting

Whether you’re starting a podcast or looking for the best computer for podcasting, it can be hard to know what type of pro tools you need. If you’ve been considering getting started with podcast recording but are unsure where to start as far as recording software or audio editing software, this blog post is perfect for you!

Best Lav Mic for Podcasting

Best Lavalier Mic for Podcasting

Lavalier mic, lapel mic, lav mic – no matter what you call it, you’ll want one of these little mics. If you’re recording on the go or video, you need to …