Non-Technical Podcasting Equipment

Must-Have Podcasting Equipment: Desks, Lighting, Soundproofing & More

Podcasting is a relatively new form of media, so it can be difficult to figure out all the equipment you need. In this blog post, we will discuss what home podcast studio supplies you might have been overlooking and how they can help take your podcast hosting from good to great!

Best Lavalier Mic for Podcasting

Best Lav Mic for Podcasting

Lavalier mic, lapel mic, lav mic – no matter what you call it, you’ll want one of these little mics. If you’re recording on the go or video, you need to …

Best XLR Mics for Podcasting

Top 5 Best XLR Mic for Podcasting

XLR mics give the best audio quality, but which one should you buy? We’ve created a Top 5 list of the best XLR mic for podcasting based on features, budget, …

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Top 5 Best USB Mic For Podcasting

USB microphones are popular because you’re able to connect them directly to a computer, no additional equipment needed. 5 of the Best USB Mics are …